Nutrition Supplement Essentials for Dysautonomia

The doctors and nutritionists at Heart of the Valley Pediatric Cardiology and Kids in Action believe that much of dysautonomia can be treated with lifestyle management including good nutrition. Part of good nutrition includes nutritional supplementation with key nutrients thought to be either deficient in those with dysautonomia or thought to be helpful when given in quantities not achievable with even our recommended healthy diets. We strongly believe the more dysautonomia is managed with lifestyle management and nutrition supplementation, the less medications are required.

We have carefully selected a set of nutritional supplements that we believe are key to helping restore health in dysautonomia. These fall into the categories of:

  1. Probiotics which help restore gut flora and gastrointestinal health
  2. Vitamins and minerals thought deficient intracellularly or which help in higher quantities
  3. Healthy fats
  4. Mitochondrial components thought essential to reverse a likely mitochondrial dysfunction
  5. Salts
  6. Homeopathic remedies know to improve specific symptoms such as anxiety & insomnia

We wish to make it clear that none of the doctors and therapists at Heart of the Valley Pediatric Cardiology and Kids in Action have any financial relationship with the vendors or manufacturers of these recommended supplements. We profit in no way from these recommendations. These recommendations were all selected based on our review of the efficacy of these nutrients to improve cellular and mitochondrial function and reduce symptoms and of the quality of manufacture and ingredients. These are supplements are produced according to very strict manufacturing practices unlike many supplements you may purchase at a regular store.

Our intention here is to provide as easy of method as possible to obtain and commence these recommendations by providing information on stores that sell these supplements or links directly to on-line purchase and access through otherwise restricted channels. While these selections are an endorsement of the product, this is not otherwise an endorsement of any particular vendor.

Heart of the Valley Pediatric Cardiology and Kids in Action Team


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