How To Order supplements

For all our dysautonomia patients, we recommend that you select one supplement from each row of A-List, one from each row of either B-list (Option 1, Powder) or B-List (Option 2, Capsules and Drops) and select a few options from C-List (Salt supplements). Ideally, you should be selecting 5 separate supplements from A-List and either one powder or 3 separate supplements from B-List and a few choices from C-List. In addition, some of our patients are recommended supplements from the D-list. These will be recommended on an individual basis by the doctor or nutritionist.

You may find some of these supplement recommendations in select health food stores as well such as Whole Foods, New Leaf Market (Pleasanton), Valley Health Mill, Van’s Health Foods, Harvest House (Concord) and also online on Those that are available in stores are so designated in “Where to Find”.
However, many of these recommended supplements are not available in stores. Whether available in stores or not, all of these supplements may be purchased on-line through the links provided under each supplement image.

Many of these supplements are available from Nutri-Dyn. Nutri-Dyn requires purchase through a registered health care provider which we have become for your access. According to Nutri-Dyn this also allows for purchase at a discount.

To access and purchase supplements from Nutri-Dyn;
Register on-line at
Select “New Customer”, then “Patients”
To complete registration, use our Heart of the Valley “Account Number” 702269. There are no set up fees involved with registration.

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