List C (Supplemental Salt and Electrolyte Water)

Supplements on this list are supplemental to address certain symptoms or deficiencies specific to individuals and recommended.


Pink Himalayan Salt


1 cap 2 times daily

Where to Find

Available at most cooking stores

NuMark Labs

Purchase Online
*may be available in office

Himalayan Black Salt

Use as desired in cooking and seasoning foods; can also take ¼ tsp daily in water twice daily

Purchase Online
*may be available in office

Salt Sticks

1-3 caps daily especially during physical activity every 60 minutes while physically active



mix one heaping scoop with 16 fluid ounces of water. As a dietary supplement for athletes: drink 15 to 20 minutes prior strenuous activity

Other sources of Electrolytes/Trace Minerals and Sodium:

Trace Mineral Drops for Water

Trace Minerals Research

Concen Trace *available in store

Or Fulvic Acid Drops

In water daily

Electrolyte Water

Various Brands available:
i.e. Trader Joes Electrolyte/Alkaline

Drink as directed or at least 3 liters daily

Available at most grocery stores 

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