List B Option 2 (Capsuled and Dropper Nutrients)

This option is best if you prefer supplements that travel well in small containers and are taken as a capsule and drops. Note this form requires 3 separate products as compared to a single powder as in Option 1.

Probiotics (Select 1)
*should be free of dairy, gluten, eggs, and other allergens


UltraFlora Balance; UltraFlora Spectrum;


1 cap 2 times daily

Where to Find

Purchase Online

Bio Botanical Research
Proflora (non refrigerated formula)

5 pumps in ¼ cup of water

Culturelle Digestive Health

1-2 caps daily breakfast and dinner

Sold in Stores 

Jarrow formulas
Jarrow AF

1-2 caps daily

Available Over the Counter or on Amazon

Multi Mineral Multi Vitamin

Dr. Sea Seven
Sea Veg formula Iodine rich Food based vitamin

2 ml (1/2 dropper) 2 times daily morning and evening

Available only through KIA nutritionist.
Contact our KIA nutritionists to request this.

B Complex (Select 1)

Glycogenics (includes niacin, B12 and Folate)

1 tablet 2x daily

Bio-Botanical Research
Biocidin Liquid (Herbal formulation)

*Liquid Vitamin for Immune Support

1-5 drops 3 times daily

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